plan semanal
* This weekly schedule is only an example and is subject to changes according to the site, group and type of programme.
Description of activities:
Arrival and settling in: this is when you will pay for the programme, rooms will be given and we will settle in.

Coffee and introduction: this is the presentation of the programme for the whole week, instructions on how the programme is organized and how it works and a tour to get to know the onsite facilities.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: we love to talk over the table. We take advantage of all meals to continue getting to know each other in Spanish.

Welcome and leaving dinners: special meals, where you will have the opportunity to speak in Spanish and enjoy yourself with the rest of the group, while becoming familiar with some of the typical dishes of the region.

One to one: conversations with a Spanish-speaking participant. Throughout the week you will have the opportunity to speak with everyone and to tune your ear into the different accents. You will gain vocabulary and fluency when speaking in Spanish about things you are interested in.

All together: Group communication tasks during which we work on functional and socio-cultural aspects of the language.

Language surgery: one and half hours each day to work on grammar topics and to clear up any language-related doubts you may have with the teacher.

Tour: discover the nature surrounding you. Activities to practice your Spanish and, at the same time, to enjoy the opportunities which the surrounding nature offers: hiking, outings by bicycle or horse, excursions or canoe trips, etc.

Presentations: participants will do oral presentations on various topics.

Excursions: we will visit places of interest in the region and we eat tapas in a bar or other place typical of the region. Moreover, each excursion has a programme of activities related with the visits.

Chat-discussion: Thanks to our special guests (writers, artists, musicians, etc.) you will become familiar, first hand, with interesting aspects of the current Andalusian and Spanish cultural scene.

Insitu evenings: evening area for relaxation and culture: cinema, debates, music, etc. You can have a glass of wine and chat in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow-participants and our guests invited to the chat-discussions.

Coming together and evaluation: we evaluate in groups the work done throughout the week and give you a personal report on your communication level of Spanish: to what extent you've taken advantage of the week, your strong points and points to improve upon.
All communication activities have been designed, following the Curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).