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Our residential programmes are an original, different and high quality educational experience that include three areas in one.

We select a place of natural and cultural interest and here we bring together everything you need to practice and improve your Spanish in an intensive and natural way.

Three in one
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ambito idiomatico
ambito cultural
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You will dream in Spanish

You will practice your Spanish, living together with native Spanish speakers and with teachers who will lead and evaluate the whole learning process.

We know that language is not the only objective, but a way of meeting people, of expressing wishes, sharing ideas, etc. With this in mind, we have designed an interesting programme of communicative activities, which will encourage you to participate and practice the language in a natural way.

At Español in Situ you will talk and live in Spanish all day long: at breakfast, at lunch, over coffee, taking a walk…by the end of the week you'll be dreaming in Spanish.

Up to 100 hours to improve your Spanish in an unbeatable environment.

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Three areas, three objectives
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Socio-cultural objective
Holiday objective
Linguistic objective
We organise the whole process of linguistic immersion so that you achieve the best results. We particularly want you to improve your communicative skills in Spanish, gaining confidence, verbal fluency and oral comprehension.
Thanks to a complete programme of activities, you will discover, at first hand, different aspects of modern culture in Spanish: art, music, gastronomy, etc. We want you to make the most of your stay with us to establish new cultural ties.
We have designed an ideal meeting place for you to share your interest in Spanish with others. We want you to have a productive holiday with excellent company and enjoying places of great cultural interest.
About us
Español in Situ is a programme designed by Lenguasfera, a company created to promote Spanish culturally and linguistically and led by a team with more than 25 years of international experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.