Summer Camps

10 days / For teenagers from 13 to 17 years old.



Send us this contact form specifying the date and programme that you want to participate in, and we will send you all the necessary information so that you can make your booking.

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Enjoy nature, whilst practicing your Spanish through living with other young Spanish speakers and with teachers who will lead and evaluate the whole learning process. An unbeatable programme for young people to learn Spanish in a dynamic, active and fun way.


A process of linguistic immersion with a complete programme of communicative, recreational and cultural activities, which will encourage you to participate and practice the language in a natural and fluent way.


We gear the whole experience towards you improving your communication skills, as well as gaining confidence, oral fluency and comprehension in Spanish. At Español in Situ you will talk and live in Spanish all day long: at breakfast, at lunch, on a trip out, taking a stroll around the mountain or playing and chatting with your colleagues.


A perfect mix of language teaching, living together in a group and nature, which will ensure you have a productive and enjoyable holiday.


At link Download, you can find an info Pdf about this programme.




Summer camps


Sumer camps